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About ISA Erudition & ISA Tutors

ISA Erudition & ISA Tutors, is born from this simple principal. Everyone should have the very best education.

We believe that with the right teaching methods and attention to detail anyone can learn almost any subject material. Our #1 goal is to help teach you material in a way that makes the most sense to you. For over 8 years the International Science Academy has helped students master the most difficult subject material.

Our approach mandates that we do a great job teaching difficult material, not just the easy stuff, and explain concepts in a manner that is beneficial, memorable and understandable for you. We have all been in the position you are in now and know how important it is to get the grade you want and even the GPA you need to go to the next level of your education.

ISA stands for The International Science Academy - and every word has a spcefic meaning as to who we are and why we feel the need to make the educational experience better for everyone. ISA of Erudition is not just a working knowledge of a subject matter but a complete mastery of it - Higher Learning... For Life. A higher level of teaching, understanding and knowledge regarding the subject areas of Math and Science.

ISA Tutors represents the excellent people who have dedicated their time to mastering the information they teach to others - helping others master the information so they can succeed as well. Visit Us @ ISA Facebook | ISA Twitter | ISA Google+

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Site Help & Tips

  • Schedule a Review or Weekly Session +

    Go to the "Reviews" menu item and search for the exam review or weekly session pertaining to the course subject you would like to ace your exam in.

    Our live exam reviews and practice packets are extremely helpful to students. We have perfected this process over the years and students score 20% - 30% higher on exams.

    Be sure to schedule weekly's if you want to get the best preperation possible for all your course exams.

  • Schedule a Private or Group Tutoring +

    Go to the green button at the top of the web page that is labled "Schedule a Tutor". Schedule a tutor based on the subject you need help with.

    Remember you can schedule for more than one hour at a time by adding time slots to the cart.

    As well, you can add more people who need tutored to your sessions such as friends and lower the overall cost.

  • Get ALL Course Info with our E-Sign Up +

    Go to the menu item "E-Sign Up" choose your school, select the course subjects of interest and put in your name and email address.

    We will keep you up to date regarding any exam review schedules, weekly review sessions or news pertaining to ISA Tutors.

    Your e-mail and information is never shared with anyone or used for any purpose other than tutoring and review information. We promise!

  • Need an Answer Fast - Use Our Question Bank +

    Our Question Bank is Amazing! Just pick your school and subject and start asking away. Many times we will ask our own questions for you to work out and answer.

    Get homework and lab help on the spot all from a certified ISA Tutor specializing in the cooresponding subject matter.

    The question bank is an easy and affordable way to have a personal tutor at your finger tips. Click the Menu Item "Question Bank" Today!

  • Study Pages are The Ultimate Study Solution +

    Many have tried or will try but ISA's "Study Pages" are in a class by themselves. There is no better way to choose how you want to study and when you want to study.

    Every course is broken into chapters, sections per chapter, video per section, study hand-outs and quizes. It's not just videos it's actual learning, understanding and practicing.

    Coming Soon! Sign up to our E-Sign Up page for more details. We hope to go live with our Study Pages by the Spring or Fall 2014.

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